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Welcome to the Plaza Infectious Disease Infusion Center. Our center is owned and operated by board-certified Infectious Disease physicians, Dr. Joseph Brewer, Dr. Paul Jost, Dr. Samina Khumri and Dr. Muna Abuerreish. Our office-based infusion center allows for our patients to be closely monitored by our Physicians. We strive to provide quality and expeditious care to you and the community. Our infusion center clinical staff is available Monday-Friday during normal business hours and provide after-hours call support to ensure that our patients have access to help when needed.

Patient Amenities

Our goal is to treat our patients in the comfort of their home; however, when an in-office infusion is necessary, we have created a comfortable, relaxing environment by providing comfortable recliner chairs and a bright, sunny infusion suite.

Common Therapies

  • Antimicrobials treating a wide range of infections
  • Other biologic therapies as deemed appropriate by our physicians